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Understanding Annuity Buyers

  Many uncertainties exist when it comes to planning for retirement. LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute research finds the top goal for American pre-retirees is to have enough money to last throughout their retirement. Owning an annuity can help them achieve this....

Life Insurance As The Bedrock Of Financial Discipline

  There are four financial disciplines that are critical to getting ahead financially. They are: Protect. Save. Manage debt. Invest. And the order in which these disciplines are developed is critical. Last posted by Ben McFie | insurancenewsnet Magazine...

How to Sell Fixed Annuities to Skeptical Retirees

  More often than not, fixed annuities make a lot of sense as a financial tool for retirees. However, they are frequently encumbered by a bad rap that causes skepticism among potential investors. How do agents overcome this resistance and create a win-win...

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